Critical Mass im Juli

CM July in the sign of the Bloodmoon! This time there is a special highlight, the Total Lunar Eclipse:

We drive spontaneously every last Friday of the month and show that we too are the traffic.
We are unhierarchical and disorganized but that makes the fun. Bring all your friends, fancy bicycles and whatever else you want to have with you!
We meet at 18 o’clock at the Max-Joseph-Platz, leave at 18:30 o’clock and pause briefly at 20 o’clock at the Bavaria – there can, if you want, so still good to push.
All are welcome!

You did not make it to the meeting point in time? Then find us with the app “Critical Maps”:

And another tip: Critical Mass is also a great food sharing party. Cookies, chips and cakes are often shared. Bring enough food and drink, so that the mass is always well taken care of.

Facebook event: